Ground Survey Hovercraft

Locating UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) takes time, and time costs money.

Hovercraft have a very light footprint, and can operate over any flat surface.

When configured with GPS mapping technology, and ground survey equipment it is possible to scan large areas to detect UXO. This saves considerable time and money, so by using hovercraft for survey operations, your company can be more competitive and better placed to win tenders.

The Hov Pod Hovercraft is unique, the only hovercraft constructed from HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) HDPE is a plastic that will help minimize interference to ensure correct operation of ground survey equipment, such as ground penetrating radar or magnetometers. HDPE is extremely durable and highly buoyant.

The Hov Pod is easy to operate, transport and maintain - we offer options such as military spec radiators to allow the Hov Pod to operate in hot dusty conditions.

The Hov Pod is CAD designed and engineering parts are produced on CNC robotic lathes to ensure digital accuracy, low wear, minimal vibration for long life dependability.

Particularly in desert locations, where perhaps a new pipeline needs to be installed through areas where unexploded bombs may be present, it is far quicker to scan large areas to analyze data to pin-point potential problems, using the Hov Pod, than employ operators with handheld detectors.

Ground Survey Hovercraft

Ground Survey Hovercraft

Hovercraft are now used to help locate UXO and UXBs.

Detecting UXO (Unexploded Ordnance) by traditional methods with single operators operating metal detectors is time consuming, and time as they say, is money.

By harnessing the latest technology, a commercial hovercraft such as the Hov Pod SPX TCC 120HP can be configured with GPS mapping and ground survey equipment, so create a wide UXO scanner to locate potential problem areas.

Hovercraft can travel slowly in a straight line to map large areas saving time and money, enabling contractors to be more competitive in the tender stage.

The Hov Pod Hovercraft is made from HDPE (a type of plastic) so is very durable and will not interfere with magnetic readings. The Hov Pod is easy to operate, maintain and transport, please contact us for further information.

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